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Professional Transcription and Subtitling Service
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Get Transcribed is now hiring transcribers. Please read this page before applying.

What is Get Transcribed?
I, Matthew Ryczko, founded Get Transcribed in 2012 on helping you succeed. As a freelance transcriber, I saw that many of my peers were struggling with the business side of things, and created this company to bring us together to benefit from each others’ strengths.

Get Transcribed is a network of independent, freelance transcriptionists that connects you with clients that need your transcription skills. We handle all of the client acquisition, customer service, invoicing and financials, so that all you need to worry about is doing what you do best- transcribing. We are based in Ohio, and work with native English speaking transcribers worldwide.

Most importantly, we are a team! Everyone has a voice here at Get Transcribed. We are shaping this business together as we go. Your feedback, suggestions, and input are always welcome, appreciated, and valued! We are all equally invested in the success of this company, and the success of each member of our team.

Get Transcribed is not a large ‘crowd source’ platform like many others. We are a tighter-knit group that works directly with each other. We support each other and provide helpful guidance and tools to improve your skills. The experience you gain from Get Transcribed is experience that you can take with you and excel in freelance transcription both with Get Transcribed, and if and when you move on to other opportunities.

Transcription is not a full time income, but it is very flexible and you can pick up a few minutes of audio here and there, whenever you find some free time. Transcription is a great side income that you can do from anywhere, on your own schedule. It is ideal for full time (or “stay-at-home”) parents, disabled workers, students, or anyone else looking for that freedom and flexibility.

How much does a Get Transcribed worker need to work?  
At Get Transcribed, since we’re not one of the large ‘crowd source’ platforms, we expect everyone on the team to be active. That means that we expect you, first and foremost, to communicate your availability. This is important for us to give clients reasonable turnaround expectations, and to estimate our capacity.

If you don’t communicate, participate, reply to emails, or pick up any work, you’ll be placed on Inactive status.
Here's what workers are saying:

"I love that this job lets me stay at home with my children. I wanted to make sure my children never had to come home to an empty house. I love the flexibility of the job. I love the feeling of efficiency that I get when working. I REALLY love how nice and patient the team is here! There's nothing better than a pleasant working environment." -Sarah W.

"I love everything about this job! I love all the new things I learn while listening to the audio. I love the flexibility the job has. I can work as much or little as I want, depending on my schedule. I love how we have our own little community, so even though we're working alone, we're still very connected and easily accessible to other people and work as a team." - Sarah S.

"I love the dress code. Jeans/ratty t-shirts/no makeup and obnoxious hair—RULE" - Lynne L.

"This job is a good match for my lifestyle. I can keep my eyes peeled for tasks here while doing the things I enjoy most: writing and spending time with my family." -Ryan S.

"I find it difficult to be tied down to an office working all day while my mind is going through all of the things I need to get done AFTER working all day. My husband and I kept talking about finding a job where I could work from home and a friend referred me to Get Transcribed. I have to admit that I was quite skeptical about this job being yet another work from home 'scam'. There are SO many of them out there these days! But I could not be happier here with everybody! It's such a blessing to be able to do my work while the laundry is going or what-have-you. I have been outside sitting at our picnic table enjoying the fall leaves and sunshine while typing some of these transcripts. It's so nice to be able to add extra income to our home while being able to keep everything running smoothly with SOOOOO much less stress on our family." - Karen T.
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Minimum Qualifications

While we do not require previous transcription experience, it is highly recommended that you assess your typing ability with the free tools at TypingTest.com if you don't already know your typing speed.

○60 wpm error-free typing speed
○Native English Speaker 
(First and Primary Language)
○Impeccable grammar and spelling
○PayPal account to receive payments

If you do not meet these requirements, you will not be happy working for Get Transcribed.

Preferred Qualifications 
(not required)

○2+ years transcription experience
○Academic or professional background in writing or editing
○Fast research skills (often needed for checking names or terms)
○80+ wpm typing speed


Payments are made via PayPal. There is a minimum payment threshold of $100.

Transcribers earn 25¢ per minute of audio.

How to apply

Email me, Matthew Ryczko, at recruiting@gettranscribed.com and tell me about your experience and skills. A resume is not necessary. I prefer to have an informal conversation with new recruits to see if we are a good match, rather than using tests or resumes. If interested, I will contact you to discuss working for Get Transcribed. If you do not hear back from me within 4-6 weeks, feel free to email again. We regularly receive hundreds of applications each month. I cannot possibly reply to every email. I appreciate your patience when contacting me.